Intelligent self-service automation
AI-driven Q&A Service
Be on-line
Often in their pre-purchase journey customers have questions. The shorter is the time customers wait to get their questions answered, the sooner they make the purchase.
Gentle and efficient assistance leads to a purchase and also leaves the customer happy with the deal.
Stay connected
Customer support is an essential part of sale. Stay in touch with you customers and maximize retention.
Understanding service
We provide the service for understanding client queries. Our nature language processing is extremely efficient: the cutting-edge deep learning technologies learns to answer frequent questions independently of how they are phrased.

Instant-on service. All we need is a list of QnA pairs or a log of clients' requests. No lengthy manual preparation or maintainance.
Customer support
  • Substantial increase in customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction in support services
  • Uncovering new trends in dialogues with customers
Chat and CRM platforms
  • Intelligent layer for any text channel
  • Fast transfer for an additional service
  • Easy API integration
Improve your business efficiency
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